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the speaker up on that? >> paul ryan's offer. this on one i'm. paul ryan's budget, passed by all the republicans, incurred trillions in debt because he kept taxes, he assumed it would stay at 19% of gdp and did nothing on the tax side at all. he was considered an intellectual hero. that's a joke. you know, this is the other side of the same thing. >> paul ryan is a good man. >> you need a paul ryan on your team. that's why i want you to go back -- you were very good. >> he's not a fiscal conservative. >> i am. >> god bless you. >> the best thing they do in proposal is try to kill the debt limit. we're the only country except for denmark. you can't have a debt limit being used to hold washington hostage anymore. >> that just takes more discipline away. catherine, i appeal to your libertarian free market instincts. >> okay. >> are these gentlemen -- they're all very well-meaning here. we have a conservative. a conservative, a moderate democrat here, but are they all blowing smoke at us? do you see any real downsizing of the federal government? do you see us returning to the basic f
? >> always great to see paul ryan. >> today's hatchet burying ceremony between the president and mitt romney is not unprecedented. in 2008, then president elect obama met with john mccain at the obama campaign chicago's headquarters. vice president al gore and george w. bush had a private meeting after gore officially conceded the election. and president clinton gave the defeated bob dole a presidential medal of freedom just days before the second clinton inauguration. other rivals weren't as conciliatory. herbert hoover and franklin d. roosevelt reportedly sat in silence to the inauguration. walter mondale told politico he and ronald reagan never sat down for this kind of conversation. and is a former aide to john kerry told politico that kerry and george w. bush never spoke to one another after john kerry conceded the election. joining me now, pulitzer prize winning columnist for "the washington post" and msnbc analyst eugene erickson. and we have all -- i won't speak for you. i have -- i have more than once, i think, said we will keep in touch, let's keep in touch, to someone i did not th
. >> oh, yes. the paul ryan budget. because what better to bring good tidings of comfort and joy than balancing tax cuts for the rich on the backs of intitlement cuts for the working poor. mind you, that's actually a healthier reaction than that of mr. boehner's colleague in the senate, mitch mccandle, who repo reportedly laughed at the president's budget. at least he doesn't invoke the civil war. yes, the american civil war, when talking budget cuts. >> it's not just a bad deal. this is really an insulting deal. what geithner offered, what you showed on the screen, robert e. lee was offered easier terms at appomattox and he losted the civil war. >> now, now, now, charles, that's not very christmassy of you. we don't mind if you wrap yourself to the flag, just make sure it's the one with 50 stars on it. dr. james peterson is a contributor to and robert reich is former labor secretary a and a professor and the author of "beyond outrage," now available in paperback. welcome to both of you. dr. peterson, i could have sworn we had an election earlier this month, but today i sa
in the week about paul ryan being deputized being part of these debates, we haven't heard from him yet, but michael he has not made an appearance yet so far. we know cantor has sort of been on the sidelines too but ryan sort of -- this sort of statement that he was going to be the person, perhaps, as you point out, joy, to sign off for the most restive parts of the caucus and give his messi inble a deal. >> i don't know how to explain that, although i think the white house, i'm sure, will plausibly argue ryan was part of a ticket just repudiated and he is at the low ebb of his credibility. a separate argument, somewhat contradicts that one, romney's campaign in the end was not so much about the ryan plan. you know, "the wall street journal" and sort of movement conservatives were thrilled when romney chose paul ryan and said we're going to have an election an the big issues, entitlement reforms, policy wonk's dream and that was not the romney campaign. romney did everything he could to water down his relationship with the ryan plan. and so it was -- it took a back seat. i just don't kn
vice presidente paul ryan, al llegar a la casa blanca le tocÓ presentar su nÚmero de seguridad social. >> como tuvimos que hacer para hablar con el presidente sobre la necesidad de la "reforma migratoria" integral. todos los documentos como cualquier documento. >> que lindo esto, porque es una tradiciÓn porque el ganador invite al perdedor para compartir despuÉs de las elecciones <.> >> al final todos quieren lo mejor para el paÍs. >> lÍderes republicanos y demÓcratas del congreso habrÍan expresado confianza que llegarÍan a un acuerdo para evitar el abismo fiscal y asÍ evitar una posible recesiÓn pero como nos cuenta lori montenegro desde washington parece que el camino serÁ largo. >> igual que los jugadores de po wero, republicanos y demÓcratas no quieren mostrar que cartas tienen debajo de la mango, el presidente de la cÁmara baja el republicano sorprendiÓ a muchos despuÉs de 2 semanas de negociaciones sobre el a bis abismo fiscal no se ha avanzado. >> seÑalÓ que todavÍa no se ha discutoed do ciscutido con serid el gasto pÚblico y aumenta el peligro de que el 1 de
, romney is not smiling. biden is incredibly smiling, paul ryan has just been neutered. so let me ask you this: (applause) was there alternate artwork for this if the election had gone the other way? >> absolutely not. i am an older nate silver. >> jon: don't, you barely, i thought, you could be brothers. i've just crossed the aarp threshold. >> you will get more mail than i used to get. >> jon: i do. i got the card but it doesn't say that i get-- i done think i get off at movies yet or buses. i think it's just the card. >> it is just the card, jon. >> jon: when does the other stuff kick in. >> i woon know this but i've been told that at 65, at 65 you can get what subway, what i call a decemberer pass. >> jon: and you get to go. >> it's not free but it's half price. and so right now coy just leave there studio, get on a train and go to the bronx for about $1.12. >> jon: well worth it at what point -- >> if you want to go to the bronx. >> jon: i have understood that at a certain age are you allowed to make racist comments with the aarp card and not be penalized in anyway. >> you know him,
-along with that. there are some republicans you are. you are never going to get michelle bachmann paul ryan god bless america. for all of the other ones moderate republicans and those are like, wait a second. i am going to be in a tough primary fight. in the mid-term election, going to be in the mid-term fight against a democratic candidate. they are going to have to come to the middle. i think there is also, new republicans republicans, you know, in the united states congress like the bob corker's of this world, pat tumis whom say let's get something done because if we don't, it will be unpopular and we will get nothing done. >> the question is whether john boehner is going to be able to get that vote of the tea party members of the house. so far, what i find disgusting, if the republicans could have made this deal six months ago because they were so cocky. they figured they were going to knock obama out, it was going to be a different world. right? so they went home and said we will wait for the election. and let the people decide. we will be in charge afte
explain all of the cuts they want to mac. we had that movie a year and a half ago where paul ryan presented a budget a serious real budget with real cuts, obama was supposed to give a speech in which he would respond with a counteroffer. he gave a speech we had ryan sitting in the front row. he called the ryan proposal unamerican offered nothing and read on a med scare in the next 18 months. they expect republicans are going to do this again? republicans are going to walk on this. >> moving right along to stories you can bank on this morning, have you ever booked a vacation on-line and maybe wondered where all of the fees came from? a new report says you are not alone in the hotels may be to blame. shocker. joining us with more is robert gray. i found it interesting, the phrase, drift pricing? >> drift pricing it drifts over to your bill. resort fees you go to the web site you think i am booking this for x dollars a night and it's 50 percent more according to some reports. it's everything from newspapers to the gym in some cases internet access that will you would take for granted
't propose anything yet. >> excuse me. paul ryan passed two years of budgets to deal with -- >> not fiscal cliff. >> republicans have plenty of plans on the table in terms of tax reform and entitlement reform and spending reform all of which we need to do. this conversation assumes the president doesn't want to go over the fiscal cliff. i disagree. i think he does. i think he wants all the tax rates to go up. you can argue the politics of this. he needs revenue to come in. he wants more spending, not less. wants 1.2 trillion dollars in defense cuts because he wants to cut the military and wants an unlimited credit card in terms being allowed unilaterally to raise the debt limit. he wants all of these things and he knows he will not get blamed for it. the republicans will get blamed for it no matter what happens. the gop will get blamed for it because the mia is protective the president. he has nothing to lose, jon. he is willing to go over the cliff. >> i think what he is say take us over the cliff and vote with the democrats and dare republicans not vote it for 90% of the americans wouldn
years, the republicans have passed the paul ryan budget, which is a very substantive budget plan about how to deal with this deficit. it is all there, you know, in black and white. anybody can read that plan. it has entitlement cuts, it has, you know, cuts in various programs and so on. so they have been pretty specific about what they want. by the way, in the senate, there is no budget for three years. >> here's the thing -- >> but let me raise the other point. i think jessica had it not exactly right when she said the republicans haven't been specific about how they would be willing to raise taxes. what republicans are saying is we're willing to put a cap on deductions of $30,000, $40,000, $50,000, haven't been specific about the number, but that's a way to reduincrease the taxes o wealthier taxpayers but in a way that doesn't raise tax rates. that seems to be a big concession. >> i'm talking about negotiations. if the american people wanted paul ryan's plan, they would have voted for paul ryan. they didn't. they voted for compromise. and that's not happening. wouldn't the most direc
talking about whether people like paul ryan and mitch mcconnell are looking at how they approach this in terms of the next presidential race. we'll talk about that on another day. karen and john, thanks to both of you. >> thanks. >>> also making news this morning, in just about half an hour, the supreme court is expected to announce whether it will take up two same-sex marriage cases. the justices are behind closed doors right now discussing the challenges to the defense of marriage act which several federal courts have found unconstitutional. they're also expected to talk about prop 8 which is cal kl's ban on same-sex marriage. >>> that woman who was attacked and disfigured by a chimp in connecticut is settling with the animal owner's estate. remember charla nash? she's going to get about $4 million. her lawsuit originally asked for $50 million. the chimp's owner died in 2010. nash had to undergo a face transplant because of that attack. >>> we're learning who holds the two winning tickets for the powerball jackpot. in missouri, officials say cindy and mark hill bought their tic
anybody the kind of proposals that we're looking for. >> even the paul ryan plan on medicare doesn't really take effect for years down the road. >> i think the debt crisis that we face requires us to make serious decisions and it requires us to make those decisions now. thank you all. >> we've been listening to the house speaker comment. there he is leaving the room. comment on the fiscal cliff. headline -- john boehner calling the white house's most recent offer not a serious proposal reiterating the fact that is he willing to put revenues on the table but not through a raise in the tax rates, by closing loopholes. he wants lower tax rates. reiterating the republican position there. harold ford jr., the former democratic congressman, also doug holtz-eakin is the former congressional budget office director. keith banks is here with us as well. harold, your reaction to what the house speaker says here? certainly doesn't seem, if you listen to either the president or the speaker, that we're any closer to a deal. >> i was encouraged by the speaker's remarks. he didn't put his foot dow
personal agenda within the institution for newt gingrich in 1990 for nationally perhaps paul ryan comes to mind now. so i remember back in that time and this is off the record at the time, but i know i can say it down because he said something like this publicly. but newt gingrich in late 89 had said to me that, you know, actually wouldn't be such a bad day if george h.w. bush was defeated in 1992 because he and his cohorts in the house, republican caucus could write a bit way the wind and an 1894 amid turns if history is any judge, which of course they went on to do. i don't think even then he got majority, but he could get a big minority and in the meantime get up michael lappas house leader. so when you take a story about his prediction that george h.w. bush would probably lose the 92 together put on the previous panel there was a reference to bob byrd predict in the church htb bush wouldn't win in 92. he really and just what a risk to george h. duffy pushed back and what a statesman he was. i will come not quite the same, but midway into team. i covered the 2000 campaign of george w
be person of person of the year. this may be my republicanness showing. but paul ryan. he was not being that, quote/unquote that big of a deal in the presidential race but if you think about it, he's the one guy here in the u.s. who is really trying to put together ideas--wait wait, wait, he couldn't. he couldn't even carry his state. [ laughing ] >> stephanie: he couldn't even carry his hometown. >> in his home state. >> when bill o'reilly tells you you're an idiot for saying something like that you know you're an idiot. >> stephanie: we have a lot of right wing idiots, but wow you take the cake. okay bill o'reilly and dennis miller. >> sound byte: one of your favorite people, and she's nominated for person of the year by "time" magazine, and you say. i think she's perfect for the modern woman. and it's sad to say but single women, that's what been yielded up by the women's movement. i didn't see that coming but it would appear helplessness perpetually being caught in the 1968 virginia slim's ad in a magazine. i think she'll only accept the cover if they agree to comp her subscription. and
-- even the paul ryan plan on medicare doesn't really take effect for years down the road. do you want something more immediate? >> i think the debt crisis that will be faced requires us to make serious decisions, and it requires us to make those decisions now. thank you all. >> house speaker john boehner essentially painting a rather pessimistic picture about negotiations going on at the white house, and with the president over avoiding the fiscal cliff saying the highlights here that there is a stalemate, saying that this was not political posturing. also saying that the white house offer was not a serious proposal, which is not considered a serious proposal, and, finally, that he says we are almost nowhere when it comes to the talks on the fiscal cliff. we can have more details on just where they are. you've got 32 days or so before the possibility of these tax increases, as well as spending cuts to go into effect, and it is high stakes diplomacy, political posturing, as well as serious economic questions in terms of how this is going to impact all of us in the coming new year. we'r
among seniors. so apparently the whole paul ryan is the devil thing didn't latch on. but what do we do now to keep medicare -- you know, you watch the show. we talk about it all the time. how do we make medicare stronger? how do we keep it going? how do we stop it from bankrupting? >> so i think that there are, as we go forward, there are going to have to be two things that people do. the first thing is we are going to have to reduce our medicare spending. and at the center for american progress, we put out a report two weeks ago, just after the election, about how to get $385 billion saved. i think that has helped explain where the cuts would come from. >> is it all on the providers side or is some of it on the beneficiary side? >> some of it's on the beneficiary side because we do want to have wealthier medicare recipients pay more for their part "b" benefits. but i think separate from that, we also need to think about changing the system. and i would say each player needs to change. first, on the doctor side, we definitely -- or the hospital side. we definitely need to change how we
the leadership of chairman paul ryan. call it about the path to prosperity because for the first time in my lifetime, this congress got serious about making the tough choices necessary to get us out of these record-setting deficits. and that's so important because i get so tired, mr. speaker, as i know you do, too, pointing the finger. it's his fault, it's their fault, this budget is not about blame. this budget is about solutions. that distinguishes us, particularly in this fiscal cliff debate, from the white house and from the senate which continue to talk in broad platitudes but have failed to lay out the difficult, difficult line by line explanation of what their proposal would be to solve these problems. we did that in our budget, mr. speaker, and it was hard. there's a reason the united states senate has not passed a budget, mr. speaker, in almost four years, and it's because it's hard. budget is a statement of your values. it's a statement of your values. we confiscate all of this money in tax revenue from the american people and then we redistribute it out to those priorities had a
the kind of proposals we're looking for. >> even the paul ryan plan on medicare doesn't really take effect for years down the road. do you want something more immediate? >> i think the debt crisis that we face requires us to make serious decisions and it requires us to make those decisions now. thank you. >> those remarks from house speaker john boehner. and more about the fiscal cliff negotiations with house majority leader eric kantor. >> what was your reaction? >> you know, i think we have said that offer is not a serious offer. all of a sudden they're asking for $1.6 trillion in tax hikes and nowhere near that number in spending reforms. and what we've always said is we want to fix the problem. we want to make sure that we get a hand on these unfunded obligations connected with the into itment programs. we want to start the spending problem so we can then go about trying to manage down the debt and deaf sifment and we don't want to aggravate a struggling economy. we want to get people back to work, which is why again, we take the position that raising tax rates is absolutely not someth
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)